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A Port Worker



Cross head tiller
SSKR Tiller
Extended Tiller

The Tiller connects to the rudder stock with a split boss or a solid boss (for a Tapered Rudder Stock) and a hydraulic actuator is connected at the end of the tiller, to provide sufficient torque to turn the rudder through the desired angle.


To design the Tiller, Wills Ridley do calculations to make sure that the Tiller radius creates enough leverage at the required angle. We need to also know the dimension of the rudder stock in way of tiller (this is the dimension of the Rudder Stock where the Tiller will connect). This affects all of the other dimensions, therefore it is essential to have this information in order to create the design.


As with most of Wills Ridley equipment, the designs will change depending on application and also the rules that are stated by the classification societies.

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