Quotation Assistance

When quoting hydraulic steering systems we require certain information to calculate the correct amount of torque-


Rudder information (as shown in drawing to the left):


1. Height of the rudder (Green in the picture to the left).


2. Width of the rudder (Blue in the picture to the left).


3. Balance of the rudder (Red in the picture to the left)

(the balance is the measurement from the centre line of the stock to the leading edge of the rudder).


(If you have the rudder area please also send this).


Maximum vessel speed is also required (Knots).


Length of vessel and the vessels purpose.


How many steering positions will be required and with what type of steering, for example Full Follow Up Lever, Full Follow Up Wheels, Manual Helm, Non Follow Up joystick etc.


Please specify what Electrical Power Supplies are available on board.


Will Engine Driven, PTO or Electrical Power Packs be required.


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