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Full Follow Up (FFU) Rotary Knob


· Stainless Steel knurled Knob on Black Acetal durable plastic body. The wiring and scale are identical to the FFU Knob. This is an alternative design.


· Scale showing steering angle with stainless steel pointer


· To operate, move the stainless steel pointer to the desired angle and release the knob. The rudders will move until the demanded angle has been reached. Once reached, the rudder will remain at that position until the operator moves the knob.


· As a safety feature, when the knob is selected, the FFU option on the mode select panel and the LEDs on the scale will flash until the knob matches the position of the rudder.

Once these lights are illuminated without blinking the FFU selected will be in control. This is to avoid the rudder moving out of control when the FFU position is selected.

Also commonly referred to as ‘Hockey Puck’

Full Follow Up Knob.jpeg


Model: PE6720


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