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Hydraulic Actuators

AM Series.JPG
We have a standard range of Actuators but like many of our products these can be modified to suit customer requirements.


Standard JM range (Brass balanced actuator):


JM23 / JM43 / JM58 / JM80 / JM136 / JM176


Standard KS range (Black balanced actuator) is:


KS75 / KS125 / KS175 / KS225 / KS275 / KS325 / KS450 / KS550 / KS650.


Standard R range: (blue balanced actuator) 


R795 / R1180 / R1570 / R2140



The numbers after the KS, R and J indicate the torque at 55 Bar(approx 800 PSI) working pressure.

If the torque exceeds the listed actuators, you can either adjust pressures to increase capability of each actuator or we can design a cylinder to suit your needs. Balanced (double acting) and unbalanced actuators are available.


The AM series (Black unbalanced actuator) can again, be tailored to suit the customer requirements. The rod, bore and stroke can change also, as the pressure to make sure the actuator provides the required force and also fits in to a required space.

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