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Electronic Wires

Electric Steering 
A New greener/cleaner style of electric rotary steering gear 
No hydraulic piping and A cost effective installation
Designed to be compliant
with all major classification societies.

render of lightning.png

The Lightning Electric actuator steering gear has been designed to comply with Bureau Veritas Classification rules. There are three sizes electric Actuator that can run as a single actuator or two can be run together. The general arrangement of each system will be the same and the necessary parts will be scalable to suit each Actuator and detailed for each model. Each Actuator is fitted with a 3 phase motor. Depending on if the motor rotates clockwise or anticlockwise will determine if the actuator extended or retracts (in this case moves the rudder to port or Starboard). Each motor has an electric brake that allows the actuator to hold position when there is no steering demand. In case of emergency, or if there is a requirement to bypass the machine/ball screw, the brake can be manually released to allow the rudders to move freely. For example, if there are two mechanically linked rudders (with 1 x electric actuator on each rudder – mechanically linked by connecting link bar) and one of the actuators is faulty, it can be bypassed by releasing the brake manually and the other actuator can steer the vessel at half speed. There is a working output force with a Torque Limiting Coupling that will be set 25% above the working pressure. The Torque coupling is self-resetting. An inverter is supplied as part of the system for soft start function. The inverter will also control the speed of the actuation. (Minimum 10 secs and maximum 28 seconds fully extended to fully closed).


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