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Tetra 250 Helm Pump

Tetra 150 Helm Pump.jpg


11 Internal pistons
250 cc output per revolution.
Axial pistons system
Complete of integrated non-return valve which blocks reversibility.
Non-return valve and shaft seal

easily accessible in case of

Shaft made of brass.
Body in aluminium.
3/4” threading for fittings 3/4” or 22mm (better with bigger tubing).

The hydraulic helm pumps of this series are designed to manoeuvre large quantities of oil.
They are strong and complete of non-return valve, the body has a tank function.
Hydraulic transmitters with this cubic capacity are usually used for emergency

manoeuvres on big systems or as main manual manoeuvre on vessels which have the necessity of using a steering wheel.
These transmitters are also used for small/medium vessels which require a

manoeuvre with the minimum turns of the wheel.


We recommend a 800mm minimum diameter of the wheel.


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