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12/24V Dc POWER PACK PQ3024


The electrohydraulic power pack PQ3024 is supplied with electric motor 12V or 24V – 500W-1500Rpm, horizontal 2,5 litre tank, solenoid valve, non-return valve, flow regulator, pressure gauge, central manifold with

adjustable max pressure valve, gear pump, filter, pressure gauge with

exclusion and all that is needed for a correct functioning.
This type of power pack is equipped with a flexible coupling between gear pump shaft and motor which guaranties high durability.
For such reason it is mainly used for working vessels and/or ships with very high workload.

4.8LPM (flow can be reduced by restricting the flow using the flow

regulator, this will reduce the speed the hydraulic actuator moves).

We recommend a 600mm as minimum diameter of the wheel.

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